Auf einer Runde Golf mit Jan Götting.

On a round of golf with Jan Götting.

Jan Götting, golf blogger and online magazine publisher


How can a passion for golf develop from a business relationship? What does it mean to be a golf blogger and publisher of various online golf magazines and what makes the Torrey Pines Golf Course in California an unforgettable experience? Jan Götting answered these and many other questions for me during a round of golf.



How long have you been playing golf and how did you get into this wonderful sport?


I started playing golf about ten years ago when I was invited by a client who was organizing a Ladies Golf Tour and for whom I developed the corporate design. It was one of those typical situations where work and leisure overlapped and resulted in something wonderful. On that sunny day, surrounded by enthusiastic golfers and the gentle green of the course, I was immediately attracted by the mix of sporting challenge, the idyllic nature experience and the warm community that makes this sport so unique. From that moment on, I was fascinated and knew that golf would not just be a pastime, but would become a lifelong passion.


How much time do you spend on average playing golf each month?


On average, I currently spend around 6-8 days a month playing golf. The spring and summer months are of course the peak season for my golf game, when I am on the course as often as possible. With autumn, the frequency decreases a bit, but I still try to take every opportunity to be outdoors. Winter may bring colder weather, but that doesn't stop me from pursuing my hobby. I like to plan trips to warmer countries to play and escape the winter blues. I'm not the type to spend hours on the driving range, but I love being on the course as often as possible because that's where I can best improve my skills and just enjoy time outdoors. Golf is not just a sport for me, it's also a way to relax from my often hectic daily life.


How would you describe yourself as a golfer?


As a golfer, I would describe myself as passionate. Every round on the golf course is an opportunity for me to improve my skills and face new challenges. I am ambitious and always strive for my personal best, which can certainly seem obsessive to others. But at the same time, I also value the moments of relaxation and enjoyment during the game. For me, golf is not just a hobby, it is a way of life. It is not just about striving for perfection on the course, but also about the friendships you make and the beautiful surroundings that surround you. Every round is a chance to escape from everyday life and be fully in the moment.


You are the publisher of several online magazines about golf. What are the special features of the various websites and why should no golfer miss out on reading them?


My golf blogs all have the same goal - to provide readers with a comprehensive and inspiring golf experience. Each site has its own unique features and addresses different aspects of the sport of golf.

The Golf Travel Magazine is the place to go for researching golf destinations and travel. With detailed reports on the best golf resorts and courses worldwide as well as practical travel tips and recommendations, this site helps you plan your next golf adventure.

GOLFBILD focuses on professional golf. Here you will find news and reports about golf stars as well as the majors and other exciting golf tournaments and events.

GolferMagazine features "golftainment" content - insights into the colorful world of golf, from exclusive interviews to tips on style, locations and toys. This site inspires golfers to find their personal style on and off the course.

On we present a colorful panorama from the world of golf. The focus here is on gear, wear and lifestyle, but from the latest news to tips and tricks, every golfer will find something that piques their interest.

All four pages, the articles, interviews and reviews are not only intended to inform, but also to inspire and motivate. We want to inspire our readers to discover and deepen their passion for golf, to set new goals and to realize their dreams.


Now you're also a golf blogger and have built up a considerable reach on social media. How did you get into blogging?


Blogging started as a passion project for me because I wanted to share my enthusiasm, experiences, insights and joys of golf with others. I decided to do it because I noticed that there is a particularly vibrant and young community on social media that is constantly looking for information, tips and experiences. However, despite the growth of my social media channels, I do not consider myself an influencer in the traditional sense. For me, it is not about influencing others, but rather about inspiring, informing and entertaining a community. My main goal remains to share my deep love and appreciation for the sport of golf and to provide useful and entertaining content that can support and enrich other golfers in their own game.


You regularly report on golfwear on your blogs and social media. How important is golf clothing to you personally and how would you describe your “style”?


Golf clothing is important to me as it not only needs to be functional but also reflect my personality and individual style. The clothing I wear on the golf course is not just a means of protecting me from the elements but also an expression of my passion for the sport and my personal aesthetic. My style could be described as a mix of classic elegance and modern flair. I love combining traditional golf clothing with modern accents to create a timeless look that is fresh and appealing at the same time. I like to experiment with different colors, patterns and textures to individualize my look on the course and express my personality while pursuing my passion.


Since the pandemic, golf has been booming worldwide and golf is a highly competitive market. As an insider in the scene, how do you see the development of this sport and will it be possible to get a younger target group excited about golf in the long term and sustainably?


I see an increasing number of people discovering and appreciating golf, whether because of the opportunity to be outside and enjoy nature, or as a means of managing stress and relaxing from everyday life. The role of social media should not be underestimated in this. Platforms such as Instagram and YouTube have helped to modernize the image of golf and make it attractive to a wider and younger target group.


In the long term, it will be important to promote the diversity and accessibility of the sport to ensure sustainable enthusiasm for golf. This includes creating more public golf courses, promoting golf programs at schools and universities, and introducing affordable memberships and courses for young players. Through these measures, we can ensure that golf is not only successful in the current boom phase, but can also inspire a younger target group in the long term and sustainably.


Last but not least, which golf courses are in your personal ranking the courses that every golfer should play at least once?


That's a difficult question as there are so many great golf courses in the world, but I'll do my best to name my personal favorites. My first choice would of course be my golfing home, Golf Club Bad Saarow. This course has a special meaning to me, not only because of its fantastic and challenging 63 holes, but also because of the community and memories I've created there.

Internationally, I would say Torrey Pines Golf Course in California. This course is not only known for its spectacular location on the Pacific coast, but also for its challenging layout and the historic hosting of PGA Tour events such as the Farmers Insurance and US Open. Playing at Torrey Pines is an unforgettable experience that every golfer should have at least once. The feeling of walking on the same fairways that golf legends such as Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods have played on is simply priceless and makes the course a must for any golfer who wants to experience the history and spirit of the game.

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