artes motus


artes motus [in Latin, ' the arts of movement '] has set itself the goal of taking golf fashion to a new level by combining art and construction ('art and engineering'). The perfect swing, the perfect movement, the aesthetics of golf: all of this is reflected in the designs of artes motus.


THE artes motus LOGO: THE MIRRORED 'a'



Our brand leitmotifs 'Art' and 'Engineering' are also reflected in our logo:The mirrored 'a' represents the stylized form of the initial letter of our brand name 'artes', at the same time the lines symbolize the head of a golf club. With this minimalist yet subtle design language, the mirrored 'a' is oriented towards the aesthetics of golf and the perfection of the perfect swing.




Marc Svojanovsky, himself a passionate golfer, is behind the idea. He missed the right range of cool functional clothing that combines a modern look with product innovation and first-class materials - and is therefore aimed at all ambitious golfers.


Marc's expertise in golf is complemented by his know-how from over 30 years in the fashion and sportswear industry. After various positions at international premium and luxury brands, including as head of product and sales, the fashion professional was excited to finally found his own brand this year.

At Marc's side as co-founder is his long-time companion Dieter Jacobfeuerborn, also an expert in the fashion industry and an experienced strategist within the fashion industry.